What to Expect on Sunday:

We look forward to meeting you and your family! If it is your first visit, please plan to arrive 15 minutes early so we have ample time to introduce ourselves, welcome you and get your child checked into our system.
During your first visit, we will ask a few questions to help us get to know your child a little better – name, birthdate, phone, email, allergies and medical needs.  If you’d like, you can pre-register your child to let us know ahead of time that you are coming.

BEFORE: Beginning 10 minutes before the service, please check your child in at one of the kiosks located in the lobby by entering the last four digits of your phone number or scanning your QR code.  Our system will print two security tags, one that you will keep and present at check-out to retrieve your child, and one to put on your child.  Please keep in mind that only adults are able to check in children before the service.


DURING:  While your child is in our care, all doors to our Grace Kids area will be locked to ensure your child’s safety.  If If you are running late and arrive after the doors are locked, please contact a member of our Guest Services team to assist you.  If we should need to contact you during the service, we will send you a text.  Please keep your phone on silent but close by during the service so that you can receive any notification from us.


AFTER: Immediately following the service, please return to the check-in area and present your security tag to retrieve your child.  Your child must be checked out by the adult possessing the security tag.  We are not able to release your child to a sibling.  After checking your child out, kindly be sure that your child is properly supervised while engaging in fellowship throughout the building.