“Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me

and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven

belongs to such as these.”

Matthew 19:14


Grace Kids Nursery

Our nursery is a child-care option available for children birth through three years of age during our 9am and 10:30am services, with check-in beginning 10 minutes before the service in the lobby at grc.
Each Sunday, our youngest Grace Kids are engaged in free-play, worship through music and movement, and an age-appropriate, gospel-centered message.

Check In/Out Procedures

Check in at the kiosk by entering the last 4 digits of your phone number. Once you check in, two labels will print, one for you to put on your child and one for you to keep for pick up. Parents can take their children to the orange room to drop them off.
Take your child’s pick up label with you as you will need it to pick up after the service is over. When the service is over, please promptly return to the kiosk and give your label to the staff member. Your child will not be released to siblings or any adult without the proper pick-up label. Once your child leaves the nursery, please be responsible for their supervision at all times.


Nursery Staff

Our nursery staff will provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment for your child while he/she is engaged in play, songs and activities that expand on Biblical truths. All nursery staff have state and federal clearances.

Nursery Policies

♦  In order to maintain a healthy nursery, we ask that you do not utilize the nursery if your child has been ill within the last 24 hours.
♦  We will contact you if your child needs a diaper change.  Nursery staff is not permitted to do this.
♦  Please take your potty-trained child to the bathroom prior to entering the nursery area so he/she is ready to play and have some fun.
♦  We will make every effort to soothe and comfort a crying child, however, we do have a 5-10 minute cry policy.  If your child is upset, we will contact via a text message after no longer than 10 minutes.
♦  During the service, please leave your cell phone on silent, but in a visible location so that we may reach you if needed.