Looking for a Mission Trip? Join us at Grace Ridge Church, located in Honesdale, Pa to help serve the community in Wayne County. When people can work together to serve others is when we join God in the work He is going. Grace Ridge hosts a God centered experience where believers can come to worship, work on housing projects in Wayne County, PA, and grow closer to God by diving deeper into the Bible. There will also be opportunity for fellowship with your peers through other activities including swimming or ice skating, campfires, sports activities, and other things that our facilities have to offer.

The price is $300 per person, all proceeds to go supporting the projects that will be completed by the group. If the group has teenagers who are under 18 the facility has a 1 to 5 ratio. There is an 8 person minimum and a 25 person maximum. All lodging and food is included.
FCA High School Mission Trip June 18th – 23rd 
We are sending out a team of 24 high school students and adult leaders June 18th – 23rd. Our group will step into little-known corners of the Southwest and experience the cultural richness and beauty of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. We are excited to come alongside churches striving to honor God and sacrificially serve their communities with hearts of love and generosity. Our time in New Mexico will be a truly unique cross-cultural experience as we listen to stories and learn important history from Native Americans who continue to live on the land of their ancestors and proudly maintain their native language and traditions.
We will be serving alongside the local Diné (Navajo) Pastors and community members as they serve their community through home and church repair projects, church outreach programs, or kids’ ministry.
Adult Mission Trip to Togo, Africa June 22nd – July 3rd