As we learn who God is and begin to understand what He has done for us, we are naturally drawn to worship. He is worthy of our praise and our continual adoration. As we pray, serve, give, study and have fellowship, we are worshipping our Creator, honoring His Holy Name.


God is bigger than a building!  Join us for our online experience called Grace Ridge Church Online (GRCO).  GRCO is a powerful tool to help us reach people where they are.   We are so excited to create this new and expanded opportunity for community.  More than a streamed service, GRCO is a welcoming space for worship, interaction, private prayer rooms, questions, next steps, and giving. Because we know that spiritual growth happens best in the context of relationships, our hosts will greet attendees, provide prayer, encouragement and connection throughout the services.  At GRCO, the lobby may look a little different, but the ministry is the same!  The vision is the same!  Grace Ridge Church exists to make disciples for Jesus Christ in Wayne County and beyond!